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Nesting Baskets with Lids

Nesting Baskets with Lids

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Hand-sewn from recycled tires, these two baskets are as practical as they are indestructible. Equipped with a handle on the lid, two containers perfect for storing toys, depositing dirty laundry, or even containing wood pellets. The pretty pattern of their surface bears the memory of the design that lines the inner belly of each tire.

  • Nesting baskets with lid
  • Handmade in recycled tire
  • Large: height 22”, diameter 13”
  • Small: height 20”, diameter 11”

Drawing on the talent and know-how of skillful artisans, Tadé breathes new life into recycled rubber tires to create a functional and decorative basket.

The recycled tire is in vogue, it has even become "trendy" with an informed eco-friendly clientele, in search of beautiful objects combining robustness, authenticity and elegance. For these upcycling enthusiasts, Tadé is the reference. Behind each of their creations is an encounter with a craftsman whose expert hands have learned to work the roughness of the raw material, have meticulously stripped with a knife the different layers of textile mixed with the rubber that make up the tire, then have married the curve to design unique objects with an impeccable finish.

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