A Passion For Place

A Passion For Place

…has made Kellijane and founder Kelly Monk both Philadelphia’s premier source of home textiles and linens…and the city’s leading design consultant for room finishings and surfaces.

Kellijane’s passion for place is uniquely expressed through fabric and represents 15 year’s experience of uncompromising quality curating the world’s finest selection of textiles and linens.

Whether working directly with homeowners or architectural and interior design professionals no one approaches textiles and linens like Kellijane.

Kelly Monk started Kellijane with a zealous belief that home is a sanctuary. She imbues much meaning to fabrics and really engages with clients to capture their own individual creative self-expression.

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The Kellijane Philosophy

Kelly Monk comes from a long line of highly creative, passionate women who believed in enduring quality, the idea of home as a sanctuary and the beautiful things in those homes as a source of inspiration and self-expression.

Kelly’s grandmother, sister and mother taught her that home is sacred, that each room has a purpose, and that creative expression should thrive there.

Kelly is passionate about decorating, designing or accessorizing interior spaces with the finest textiles and linens in the world…selections that are aesthetically luxurious, indulgent to the senses, yet still accessible and affordable.

Kellijane is her mission to create a haven for anyone seeking to express themselves in their surroundingsa place to rest, thrive, laugh, love and live in…one room at a time.

The Kellijane Process

Imagine your living space was beautiful and comfortable…a place that was truly a reflection of yourself. Imagine walking into your home or special room and feeling so supported, so safe, and so good…just by the surroundings.

Kellijane has created that experience for hundreds of clients, leading them on a personal journey that crosses the line from home to sanctuary.

Kelly’s purposeful approach starts with finding inspiration from textiles and linens. She believes these items are the real foundation of a room, since they are the things you actually interact with the most…the things you most often come into physical contact with.

Design Services

Textiles and linens are not abstractions but the things you touch, sit on, sleep on, or wrap yourself in. From there Kelly allows that creative spark to guide her and you in the full design of each room.

She works in close tandem with every client, ensuring you stay true to your vision throughout the design and selection process.

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Kelli’s Corner

Welcome, why don’t you grab a cup of tea and take a seat. I’ve always had a chair next to my desk so that clients can sit down and tell me everything. I promise I’ll listen to you, see you, get you. Then we can start working together to create a beautiful, comfortable space that’s truly you and truly yours.

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“How fortunate was I to have stumbled into Kelly’s little starter shop over 20 years ago. I knew instantly she was going to be a major influence in my life not only as a designer, but as a friend. In the time since I’m convinced I sleep and live better with Kellijane in my life.”—Lesley S

“I sought Kellijane out because I wanted to imbue my bedding with beauty and calm. I couldn’t have found a more like-minded partner to find that perfect combination.”—Abbe K

“Kelly is the only person I rely on for fine linens. A customer for many years I’ve been spoiled by Kellijane’s lovely top-of-the-line bedding. She is so knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!”—Lenni S

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